Welcome to Hair District

Please visit us at our newly renovated salon situated in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Brief Description

At Hair District we understand how high our client’s expectations can be and we aim to please by providing friendly and professional service to each and every client. We will take the time to find out what you’re really looking for, and make some suggestions along the way.

Our professional stylists, matched with revolutionary hair care products will definitely bring out the beauty in you. We will shampoo your hair while giving you a soothing scalp massage.

Wedding Parties

We have several years of experience with hair and make-up for wedding parties.

When she walks down the aisle, everyone will gaze at her beauty. That’s why her hair and make-up must be perfect.

At Hair District we have professional stylist Yin Lin, who has styled thousands of people’s hair and make up for their special day. We all know weddings are one of the most important days in a persons life, and we all want to look our best. This is why our many years of experience and attention to detail make us the ideal choice.

Be sure to check out the up-do photos in the Gallery of Styles section of our website for a sample of what we’re capable of.



Hair District